Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger Spares
Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger Spares Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger Spares Malaysia Supplier | Tatlee Engineering & Trading (JB) Sdn Bhd
We supply Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers(GPHE) Spares-- Plates & Gaskets for popular brands such as Alfa Laval, Tranter, APV, GEA, Sondex and Thermowave.
Available replacement types as below:

Alfa-Laval M3, M6, M10, M15, T(M)20, TS6, TL10B, MX25, M30, P16, P26, P36, TS20, AK20, AM20
Tranter GL-13, GX-18, GC-26, GX-26, GX-26, GX-42, GX-51, GC-51, GC-60, GX-60, GX-100, GX-85, GL-85
APV H12, H17, N35, Q030, A055, A085, J060, J092, J107, J185
GEA VT4, VT8, VT10, VT20, NT100, NT150, NT250, NT350, NT500, V20
Sondex S4, S7, S8, S14, S17, S19, S21, S22, S47, S41, S42, S62, S43(AD), S65, S100, S81, S121, S188
Thermowave TL90, TL150, TL200, TL250, TL400, TL500, TL650, TL850

Different materials of plate and gasket can be offered,
Plate materials Gasket materials Plate thickness
Ti TA1-1/Titanium-palladium alloy
Nickel 200/201/Ni 6

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